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From the roots to the top, a tree continues to grow for years. Much like a tree, the Leiberings continue to branch out. Phil, Shawn, Matt, and Steve followed in their father’s footsteps by planting trees, farming, and logging. For three generations in Indiana, the Leibering family has been devoted to the timber industry. An attitude of stewardship to the environment, and responsibility to the forest land is evident in all aspects of their businesses.

In 2002, they purchased their very own sawmill. Adding to the business in 2008, the brothers bought the dimension plant next door, and Leibering Dimension was established. Their goal since the beginning has been to consistently provide their customers with high quality dimension products.

At Leibering Dimension their focus is to exceed each customers’ individual needs by providing them with superior products and punctuality. They pride themselves on being able to control 100% of the milling process. Leibering Dimension purchases green lumber from Leibering Lumber & Logging, or other outside sources, and uses one of the four kilns to dry and process it. Unique in the industry, they are one of the few companies that has the capability of taking a product from harvest to completion.

The Leibering Forest of Leibering Family Properties, Leibering & Sons, and Leibering Lumber & Logging are all FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) certified companies. Phil, Shawn, Matt, and Steve have always had the heart and drive to succeed. Their land forest management is a success story for a locally grown, locally used product.

The young Leibering brothers playing on their tree farming property. Once owned by their father, now owned by the brothers and their two sisters.
The Leibering brothers stand proud of their accomplishments.

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